Entrevista Telmo Vieira

“The number of deaths in Portugal increased and in 2018 more people died than were born.”

Telmo Vieira, coordinator of Observatory of Childbirth and Ageing, talked about this topic in the RTP1 news on 30th April 2019 (min 4:20 and 4:49)

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The Observatory of Childbirth and Ageing will be represented at the 36th conference “Caminhos para a vida”

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The 36th Conference “Caminhos para a Vida”, promoted by the Rotary International’s 1970 District (North and Central Portugal), will take place on 15th of June 2019 at Casa da Música in Porto.

Rotary International’s 1970 District is a nonprofit organization of 1,200,000 members around the world that unite to create positive change in their communities.

This organization, present in all countries, recognized for its activities of solidarity and humanitarian causes, will organize a Conference at the House of Music in Oporto on 15 June, in favor of the eradication of poliomyelitis in the world.

The conference, in addition to this solidarity, will address the issue of childbirth and ageing, its causes and its consequences.

PremiValor Consulting as the entity responsible for the Observatory of Childbirth and Ageing in Portugal will be represented at this event and hereby invites you to attend the conference.


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Entrevista – Natalidade em Portugal

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No passado dia 19 de Junho, a PremiValor Consulting, apresentou os resultados Observatório da Natalidade e do Envelhecimento em Portugal – 1.ª ediçãonuma conferência que teve lugar nas instalações da Central Tejo.

O objectivo do estudo é compreender quais são os factores indutores e os factores redutores da Natalidade.

Em entrevista, Telmo Vieira apresenta os principais resultados subjacentes ao estudo.

Entrevista (minuto 16)

I Forum of Civilizational Diseases

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PremiValor Consulting presented the preliminary results on the Ageing component of the Observatory of Childbirth and Ageing in Portugal