The Observatory of Childbirth and Ageing Portugal – 1st Edition seeks to increase social awareness about ageing topics, and develop initiatives that recognise companies that have sound principles and programs that promote an active, healthy and independent ageing.

This focus on encouraging visible and measurable courses of action to promote active ageing policies on organizations, led us to create the Best Practices Active Ageing Award which credits excellence and organizational culture towards senior workers’ participation and active ageing supporting policies.

Your project/program/initiative on this topic will be assess and audited, according to objective criteria. These will stem from broad topics such as:

  • Is the project/program/initiative differentiated from what is currently being done in the field?
  • Does the project/program/initiative break new ground, achieve a stretch goal within the organization or represent a paradigm shift?
  • Are there specific actions, numbers or other measures that demonstrate success?

The award winners will have their policies and programs widely recognized within the industry and the community as a highlight of the ONEP project, on the annual conference to be held. They will also be invited to share their thoughts and present their initiatives as a benchmark for other organizations.